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Uzbek-American Trade House

Trading with
commodity and
consumer products

Export and import of goods from the North America to various Central Asian countries


- Determining customs valuation
- Determining product code/classification
- Customs dispute settlement
- Compliance with trade regulations
- Post-clearance audit
- Bonded warehouses
- Trade facilitation programs
- Free Trade Agreements
- Duty-free exemptions


- Declaration of Origin
- Export Controls
- Free Trade Agreements

Supply Chain

- Expanding your market
- Enhancing the import/export method

Industry-Related Events

- Consultation
- Specific projects in various sectors
- Lucrative business opportunities


- Consultation
- Specific projects in various sectors
- Lucrative business opportunities

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Uzbek-American Trade House provides a fast and reliable way of exporting and importing goods from North America to various Central Asian countries and vice versa. We can help you reach the next level of trade efficacy.

We are a group of entrepreneurs in the business sphere that bonded over the mutual passion for making international trade easier, better, and more efficient. Our focus was on improving the import/export between developed and developing countries. After years of intense research and analysis, we created a unique company that uses trade to connect customers all over the US, Canada, Central Asia, and European countries.

We regularly work with eight industries and deliver to and from twelve destinations. Our team is brimming with experience and eco-friendly solutions. That’s why we deliver the best results

1 years
of experience in import/export
1 locations
destinations for an import/export
1 industries
we regularly work with

Partners and customers who trust us

Hourmet Halal


We make it easy for companies and businessmen to find what they want in 5 simple steps



Send us your product or investment proposal.



We offer you free consulting.



After we discuss the details of your proposal, we will do extensive marketing research.



We send you a written agreement for you to review, approve, and sign.



We get the job gone and send you the report.


The list of activities that we regularly import and export.

Foods & Beverages

We can help your food or beverage company expand to other markets. Products we can help deliver from your business to companies in other countries include juice, water, grains, legumes, cans, canned food, nuts, dried fruits, oils, fish, meat, animal products, etc. At affordable pricing, we can also transport fresh food, processed frozen, or perishable transportation options that require temperature control.


The trading industry can be complex enough, but importing/exporting chemicals can be downright dangerous without the degree of care Uzbek-American Trade House provides. For this reason, our chemical handlers are well-versed in safety and best practices. Your chemicals, as well as everyone who comes into touch with them, are safe.


We provide secure transfer of any equipment you want to be transported across countries or continents.


No matter if you are new to exporting or your firm has been in the industry for years, our partners and we can help you locate new markets for your agricultural products.

Vehicles and Parts

We are experts in automotive logistics and shipping. We can help connect you with your buyer/supplier for a faster and safer vehicle and auto parts transportation.
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